Noemí Giraldez – Social Worker

My name is Noemí and I am from Galicia, Spain. I studied social work and nowadays I work in a university association, where we have different projects such as a social radio, a European mobility project to send people to Lisbon to do an internship, a free time school and more. I decided to participate … Continue reading Noemí Giraldez – Social Worker


José Baqueiro – THUNDERS LOVE

My name is José Baqueiro and I work as a consultant in EOSA, a consulting firm dedicated to the elaboration of European projects of diverse types (LIFE, POCTEP, SUDOE, FEDER and FSE fund management). On another hand, me and two friends (they are working 100% on the project) have a textile company… THUNDERS LOVE. We … Continue reading José Baqueiro – THUNDERS LOVE