Noemí Giraldez – Social Worker

My name is Noemí and I am from Galicia, Spain. I studied social work and nowadays I work in a university association, where we have different projects such as a social radio, a European mobility project to send people to Lisbon to do an internship, a free time school and more.

I decided to participate in SEYE because I have never participated in a youth exchange and I wanted to live the experience. Another important reason was to improve my oral English and meet new people.

I was interested in knowing about social projects. I wasn´t very very interested in entrepreneurship but I thought that with my participation in SEYE I could learn a lot about the social field. Besides, I wanted to meet peopleI could potentially collaborate with in the future.

thumb_IMG_9586_1024My experience was very nice. Although I didn’t enjoy the first two days of the program (Monday and Tuesday) because I think that we could have learnt more if the organisations did other activities or visit more companies for example. The language barrier was stressful at times but the next few days of the program I really enjoyed a lot, because we had more discussions about the problems that affect the two communities – and the world also.

I believe I would have enjoyed the experience more if the facilitating organisation included the experience of the British people that set up social companies, maybe this is something we can plan to do in the future as a collective.

I learnt that British youth are open mind, they participate a lot and are polite. I was very surprised about the facilities to set up a business in London and housing prices and shortages where there are too many people and few houses, this is contrary to the problems that exist in Spain.


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