José Baqueiro – THUNDERS LOVE

My name is José Baqueiro and I work as a consultant in EOSA, a consulting firm dedicated to the elaboration of European projects of diverse types (LIFE, POCTEP, SUDOE, FEDER and FSE fund management). On another hand, me and two friends (they are working 100% on the project) have a textile company… THUNDERS LOVE.

We design and manufacture socks. We’re a small brand, small but strong, free thinking and most of all cheeky, here young, anarchic designers, photographers and artists collaborate together. So if you want to collaborate with THUNDERS LOVE give us a like and share our Facebook Page and our Instagram!

thumb_IMG_9663_1024Our role from EOSA is to try to convey to the audience the need to be clear about certain aspects when launching a business project.

From the exchange, I hope to get to know London entrepreneurs and their vision on the social situation and business initiatives that are taking place in London city.

The experience so far has been Fantastic, especially by the group of participants, amazing Erasmus+!!! I would like to participate in an Erasmus+ program in London.

The participants of London have a more open-minded approach to entrepreneurship. They have an admirable ability to promote social initiatives that society demands, We should copy that ability to be courageous and their analysis capacity and we promote social projects taking into account those aspects that may limit the success of them.


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