Zara Afflick – Box of Prints

I am Zara Afflick, I am 27 years old and I’m textiles designer from the UK. I have been running a printing company for a year based in Tottenham, North London. Box of Prints LTD specialises in creating printed fabrics for interior design and fashion wear. We also run a bespoke printing service where customers are given the opportunity to make their own prints that can be turned into wonderful products such as T-Shirts, Plates, Cups, Cushions and more.

I have recently entered into community development work whereby I deliver workshops targeting vulnerable Afro-Caribbean young males under 25. Here I provide them with new skills which they can transfer to employment in the near future. The aim is to encourage them to turn away from criminal activity through being exposed to the creative industry.

I applied to be a part of the program because I felt that this would give me the opportunity to share my ideas to develop Ourense. I wanted to be around like-minded people who are all in a similar space to myself, I feel that this opportunity will allow us all to gain from each other and build long lasting relationships. As a business owner, I’m at a stage where I am looking to grow. Through this experience, I will develop an international client base. The future of Box of Prints is to have a factory that manufactures goods as well as offers employment and training opportunities for students and job seekers.

Through this exchange, it would be great to gain a contract as well as work in partnership with the people of Ourense. I would like to understand more about the capital city and how social enterprises operate. I am also keen to network with the participants engaged in the exchange program. But also, learn a little bit of Spanish.

17202786_118362315360262_5662253997090208879_n2 days in so far so good…! I’ve met the mayor of Ourense, I’ve had a tour of the town, ate delicious food, had the opportunity to share time with new roommates and dabbled in the hot thermal springs of the city.

Obviously, putting aside all the fun I have met wonderful entrepreneurs at the business we have visited in the city which were Neenoos, Lais and Aixinia. They have shown me great dedication in all that they have done and it is clear that social enterprises can be a great success when you all work together for the greater good.

Hola! Hola! Chico en Chica … I have learnt a lot about Spanish culture. I see that they are very in touch with nature and are conscious of their natural resources. You will hardly get any processed food, they are very health conscious with beautiful skin. Red and White wine is drank often during lunch and dinner, this is a culture clash as it is perceived as good thing in Spain for long life and prosperity, but in London there is a limitation to how much you can drink because of health implications.

They may seem as though they eat a lot of food throughout the day, by sticking to the regime of breakfast, lunch and dinner, but because of their daily activity of constantly walking. It is a good balance in their life. They are polite and make it their duty to cater to others by being welcoming and friendly, despite the language barrier they made a great attempt to speak as much English as possible.Gracias Mucho

Gracias Mucho biene.

For more of Zara all that she does with Textiles via Box of Prints follow her via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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