Yaa Asmany – The Social Enterprise Consultant

My name is Yaa Asamany I am a professional who has worked in the voluntary sector for 20 years. I am a trainer and a consultant. I support leaders and founders with their start-ups to help scale, sustain and grow their businesses. I am currently developing my leadership portfolio to include leadership, management, fundraising, governance, sustainability and income generation, with the hope of delivering a package of support that will allow me to add value to future leaders.

As a mentor for London Business Partnership, I chose to attend this exchange to be a source of support for young entrepreneurs participating in the programme here in Ourense. I wanted the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience on the program and to facilitate the thought process during discussions. Being here allows me as a professional to look at the similarities and differences of how entrepreneurs tackle problems in different environments, specifically on a global scale.

I hope to gain a global perspective out of participating in the exchange which will help me to shape my work. I also hope to broaden my scope of support and to trigger collaborative work across the world with the hope of doing something similar in the future.

As a trainer, I am always conscious of the learning process which is a never ending cycle and by having an insight into the program, I hope to replicate it with a different group of people in the future. Also, this allows me to reflect on my practice and learn expertise from international professionals. I am currently on the verge of scoping my topic for my PHD, where I hope to focus on governance and leadership internationally, I am confident that this program will help to shape my research.

So far, it has been an action packed 3 days, I have been reflecting and absorbing a lot of learning. I have also been imparting knowledge by interacting with the participants on both sides.

I have learnt that there are so many layers to democracy here in Spain that impact social entrepreneurship and the fact that social economies cannot operate in a silo. The statutory power needs to support them to facilitate the setting up of social businesses. You can have the idea and the vision, but without permission, you cannot implement your idea.


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