Jaegar Phipps – Mentoring Network

My name is Jaegar, I’ve worked in sales and marketing for the last 4 years and now I’m living in Logrono, Spain. I’m here for 9 months I want to really take the time to plan and evaluate my life and my next steps as well as have the opportunity to experience a new culture.

During my time in Spain, I am here teaching English classes to the local residents and through this experience, I have received the opportunity to freelance as a digital marketer and event organiser for a winery in La Rioja, Spain. This time away has given me a chance to step back from the day by day rush of London, which has given me the mental space to think about my social business which will focus on mentoring. I plan to initiate this project in Newham, the borough I grew up in, but I also expand to other boroughs.

I heard about this program through a family friend who thought I’d be interested in taking part and also knew I’d be living in Spain where the project was taking place. I applied immediately because I think it is important to take part in new opportunities and the fact that it was London-based encouraged me to apply. Once I read more about what the program would entail, I thought it would be a great opportunity to network with like-minded people and people I can learn from as well as potentially collaborate with in the future.

For me, I hope the program provides me with the tools to improve the structure of my idea and the sustainability of it. I also hope that the opportunity provides me with a broader way of thinking which is outside of my comfort zone, I feel that if you do not expose yourself to anything new you’ll never know. For example, meeting people from across London as well as Spain shines a light on a different way of living, other social problems and solutions that can also be transferable to my own business.

My experience so far has already opened my eyes to how far I can actually take my business because in my mind it’s a big idea that has a lot of other factors and social needs that I didn’t consider, but these factors are definitely relevant to my community and my focus. I recognise how important it is to keep the links open between entrepreneurs and create a platform for sharing and support because we can always benefit from shared learning.

I’ve noticed that there are more limitations to being an entrepreneur in Ourense and so I feel it is important to take advantage of the opportunities that exist for me. There are always going to be obstacles, but there is always someone who has more hurdles to climb but are still achieving their dreams. The main thing I would say I’ve learnt so far is that it all comes down to you and your gumption to take that first step and roll with it.

I’ve learnt that in Spain there is a much more balanced way of living. Life is slower paced and there’s more face to face togetherness and a stronger sense of community. I feel encouraged to practice a more balanced way of living when I return home. Your state of mind is so important and when your off balance, so is everything else.


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