Ebisiemen Ajayi – Bring Me In

My name is Ebisiemen, otherwise known as Ebi. I run a site that I founded called Bring Me In. Bring Me In is a recommendation and personal development website that I started in 2016, the site seeks to keep our readers and followers up to date on information that can help them along their individual journeys.

It initially started off as a blog to keep me busy and do something I loved doing but very quickly started to garner interest. After just a couple of months, we managed to get a team of contributors on board as well as become community partners with Startup Stories Worldwide who saw our vision and have stood by us as we have continued to go from strength to strength and we also have a partnership with Statuelle. I also oversee a team of 13 writers and contributors who make Bring Me In what it is today.

Currently, we are looking at great ways to engage with young people and ensure that they are provided with all the practical advice they need in our blog posts in order to pursue whatever they have their minds set on achieving. We seek to provide more interviews with skilled and talented people in various industries and we also look forward to supporting and shedding light on the greatness out there.

I applied for the Spanish Entrepreneurs Exchange Trip with London Business Partnership to learn more about social enterprise, establish contacts and most importantly to explore the ways in which I can be of value to the community of Ourense through my experience and knowledge.

DSC_1608Helping others has always formed a central part of my career experience and the various projects I have founded and been a part of. I also saw this exchange as an opportunity to meet and network with like-minded individuals.

It was also of importance that my business and experience reflected the ideas at the heart of social enterprise and I believe that it does hence the exchange proving to be a great fit.

I hope to work alongside others who attended the exchange programme to set up a body or partnership with the Mayor of Ourense and the people of Ourense, through which we can ensure the solutions we came up with are achieved and to provide a means of support in attracting more people to Ourense, combating youth employment and hopefully providing ways to integrate the young and old community of Ourense through the carefully planned execution and implementation of a number of projects which we are passionate about and are sure will be a success.

My experience so far has been inspirational. I have a good feeling about future partnerships with the people of Ourense and I believe in the potential of the city. I have managed to build connections, meet great people and get an honest and raw sense of Ourense, it’s history and it’s people. I feel encouraged to pursue my own projects with even more passion than before and am grateful for this opportunity. I do however hope it doesn’t end here and our relationship with Ourense continues on for a long time.

I’ve learnt that the people of Ourense are very nice. I have also learnt about the political system and how it impacts Ourense. I have been able to gain insight into the things that actively prevent social change from taking place in Ourense and how that is also reflected throughout the rest of Spain. I have managed to visit some of Ourense’s great social enterprises and I think I have overcome my fear of octopus whilst managing to grasp a few Spanish words here and there.

I admire how relaxed the Spanish culture is in comparison to that of the UK and I have also picked up on Ourense’s love for jazz and soul…which has also re-inspired me to work harder on my passion for music. I have become acquainted with the Ourense hot springs and it’s history and can’t wait to tell everyone what they’re missing out on.

For more of Ebi, you can now follow her via Facebook and LinkedIn.


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