Day 6 – Creating Solutions for social problems

Friday 10th March 2017

What a fantastic week it had been, having spent lots of quality time with a group of Spanish student and young entrepreneurs, we were able to conjure up such a wide variety of solutions to the 2 main social problems Ourense are facing; and ageing population, and the continuous exit of young talent leaving the town for better job opportunities in bigger cities, eg Madrid.

Collectively, we had a range of social problems and situations currently existing in Ourense, as well as the ideas, possibilities and opportunities to take action to try and fix them. Various individuals’ skills and expertise all contributed to the creative and effective solutions, such as the positive push towards ‘going online’ to start up jobs and encourage freelancer work – this would aim to motivate people to stay at home rather than leaving Ourense.


Another solution was to set up a ‘buddy’ program, so elderly residents from Ourense who feel lonely or isolated could accommodate and spend time with British freelancers who are looking to work away from home for a short period. I think this was a great idea which I would highly consider myself, as I think it is a great way of subtly improving and increasing tourism, especially amongst young people from abroad.

Due to my lack of knowledge regarding the background and statistics of Ourense, working with the council enabled us to size up our ideas into a more realistic approach. They were able to demonstrate the current ways of thinking of the population and suggest a method of approaching them.

Once we had finished the day, I came back with a huge sense of achievement, that I had contributed enough to feel assured that things will start to happen, and I hope to see things change very soon.

By Olympia Brigthley-Hodges – Family Business Place


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