Day 5 – Exchanging ideas of social enterprises

Thursday 9th March 2017

Today we were all put into team based on our personality types. Before this took place, we had to consider which 6 words we were most like. 17156124_116517255544768_1676235809970841019_n

In those teams we discussed all the advantages and disadvantages that Ourense had as a city, from this we started to come up with ideas of social businesses to acts as possible solutions to solve some of the city’s problems.

Some of the disadvantages that were highlight were; it’s an ageing population, the decreasing population size, lack of jobs for young people, which result in young people moving away to large cities in Spain or completely out of the country, as a result of no jobs or low paid jobs young people can’t afford to pay for housing, we also discussed young people’s uncertainty about how to start their own businesses, the large amount of taxes the government implements which deter young people from starting up, the lack of tourism and heritage which could encourage more people to come to the city, the lack of social media, lack of mental health awareness and facilities to manage mental health, and finally gender inequality – females having less opportunities.


The advantages were; Ourense has great tourist attractions (natural springs, great food places, lots of history, natural sites fashion history and music), it is easy to forge links with the local government and they are houses available for people to buy or rent.

In our groups, we discussed the similarities and differences between what problems we face in London to see if we could come up with solutions that could be used in both cities. After much debate, we noticed that the problems in London were very similar to Spain. We had issues with, housing, mental awareness, gender inequality. However, it was highlighted that cultures are very different, therefore using the solution to tackle both cities wouldn’t work.


All teams decided to specifically look at solutions for Ourense. All teams had to pick one business idea and ensure that the business idea provides a solution for at least of the issues we had discussed at the beginning of the session.

Two teams looked into creating an app or consultancy firm for women to help deal the gender inequality. Two other teams focused on creating enterprises that delivered extra-curricular activities for children in secondary school, to tackle the youth unemployment. One team focused on creating an education programme about sexual health for young people. Finally, another team’s idea was to create a housing programme to get young people to share houses with an elderly people.

All teams then went back to their groups to discuss in more detail the activities that would occur to address this issue which would then feed into writing up business plans for the next day.

By Zoe Garshong – Miss Independent


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