Day 3 – Introduction to the Program

Monday 6th March 2017

Today was a hectic day for all us. In the morning we all gathered in the Municipality City Hall, dressed smartly, eagerly waiting to be officially greeted by the Mayor of Ourense. In his speech, the Mayor spoke out about challenges that city was facing in terms of the ageing population, youth unemployment and the need for a better tourism and heritage marketing.

After the speech, we were met by a tour guide, who took us around the old town of Ourense. We visited the ancient Roman baths, heard of great geographical advantages of this Galician city – situated on the four rivers – and finally, we learned of the city’s beautiful hot springs which are surrounded by gardens and are free to the public, making the city of Ourense so communal.


After a short coffee and a delicious cake break at a local cafe, we headed to meet our Spanish counterparts. It was a big crowd of us when we all finally met up and sat down at the lecture theatre. We briefly said hello to each other before hearing each participant present their businesses and the reasons why they opted to take part in the youth exchange.

Finally, we were escorted to a learning centre for our last official session. Here, we heard a talk by partners from Confederacion Empresarial de Ourense (CEO) and London Business School.

An open dialogue that started with the Mayor and ended with each of our entrepreneurial stories laid a valid foundation to build relationships between two countries, share common knowledge and create solutions.

thumb_IMG_9584_1024 (1)

 By Egle Valeikaite – Marketing Expert


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