Day 1 – From London to Ourense

Saturday 4th March 2017 –  Our first day in Ourense.

Like most experiences on your first day, everything seems alien. Nobody spoke our language, we barely knew each other and we had to walk up and down hillly roads to get to a local destination. At each destination, we could see the beautiful jungle-like mountains that enwrapped the city. And we also had the realisation that the locals were speaking not only in Spanish but also in Galician.


After a 2 hour flight from London and a long coach ride from Santiago to Ourense, the whole group were shattered and ready to sleep. But that didn’t stop us. We went out to a local restaurant for our first meal together. By the end of the night, everyone was full on seafood and wine. We were just started the 1st day of our week long adventure in this beautiful little city of Ourense.


It was great to get to know each other over dinner and walking up and down town and also learn a little more about the social needs we were individually addressing at home and how we could potentially partner with our exchange participants in the week to do similar work in Ourense. After dinner, and our walk back to our hostel, some of us continued conversing until 3 AM – I think we each appreciated being around so many like-minded people, we were too excited to sleep, instead we stayed awake to share and indulge in conversation with each other.

By Jaegar Phipps – Mentoring Network


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