Egle Valeikaite – Social Media Consultant

I am Egle Valeikaite, I a marketing professional who has worked in marketing for over 5 years spanning across various industries such as healthcare and financial technologies. I have chosen a path of being self-employed as I think that this is a new way of living in a digital world and it allows me the flexibility to pursue my other passions.

Attending this trip is a chance for me to meet younger entrepreneurs who are aspiring to not only have a business but to build an impact on society. I believe that new social entrepreneurs forget that an online presence is key to grow their business and build their brand awareness. A professional looking website and social media and contribute to their success.IMG-20170307-WA0019

As a business owner, I am hoping to learn and understand some of the challenges social entrepreneurs face having their businesses online and their key business goals, as well as how using social media can help achieve these goals. I’m hoping to have an international client base and by getting to know a different European region – such as Ourense, Spain – allows me to facilitate that.

This immersive trip has really brought me to a realisation that being in a group with like-minded individuals for a long period o time – a week in this case – helps to bring out the best in each of us in terms of ideas and shared content. We learn not only from our similarities but from our differences as well.

I have noticed that Spanish people are saving electricity a lot. It reminds me of Lithuania and a small city where I come from and people are very aware of their resources and are looking out for each other more in comparison to big cosmopolitan cities.

For more on Egle and how she can help you to develop your personal brand using social media, follow her via Twitter and Instagram and contact her via LinkedIn.


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